Software for Structures

SOFTWARE FOR STRUCTURES is a software development, research and consulting firm. Our software goal is to have a website where structural engineers and analysts, educators, and students can find a collection of powerful, useful, and easy to use online calculations and models. Our specialty is analysis of structures: beams, trusses, columns, plates and shells. Our programs include the disciplines of civil, mechanical, spacecraft, aviation, chemical engineering, and science. We provide solutions to very common problems like bending of plates, statically determined and indeterminate (continuous) beams, stress analysis of trusses, buckling of plates and columns, as well as complicated problems of nonlinear behavior and stability of thin shells. In our online structural engineering software we use the typical methods for simple structures (beams and trusses) providing the clients with all main steps of the solution, which is especially helpful for student training. For solving complex problems, for instance problems of nonlinear shell theory, we apply our know-how approaches based on our previous research.

We provide the best online curve fitting (data fitting) calculation, whose result is represented by graphs and simple-to-use formulas based on generalized Pade (rational) functions. The accuracy of data fitting can be managed by choosing values of correlation coefficient or error of approximation or number of coefficients of Pade function. This curve fitting calculation is getting popular among chemical, material and reliability engineers as well as experimental researchers.

Bending of beams and plates, buckling of plates and columns are the most important parts of Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineering courses at university level. Our online software could be used by students for self-training and is very helpful by completing assignments because it provides all main steps of solutions.

Recently we have added a set of online calculations for reliability. Non-parametric estimation of event probability (rank-regression models) was added. The Weibull prediction calculator based on Maximum Likelihood and Rank Regression methods is also included now. The confidence bounds are calculated using the Fisher Matrix or the Likelihood Ratio method. In addition, the recurrent process (imperfect repair) is considered using Kijima models with the following underlying lifetime distributions: Weibull, Normal and Log-Normal. Time to repair can be also introduced into the calculation. The Maximum likelihood and efficient advanced Monte Carlo methods are used. Confidence bounds can be estimated in the online calculation. Finally, maintenance optimization calculation is provided, which is based on the above imperfect repair model with the underlying Weibull distribution function.

SOFTWARE FOR STRUCTURES is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and was formed in 2002. It is owned and operated by Alex Yevkin, Ph. D. in Structural Engineering, Doctor of Science in Applied Mathematics, and Gleb Yevkin, B.Sc. in Computer Science.

In addition to software development, SOFTWARE FOR STRUCTURES provides consulting and research in the areas represented by our software. As you surf through our website, you may notice that many calculations are free.

Please let us know by email what other software you would like to see developed.