User has to select the time interval starting from 0 to Mission time. At this interval all parameters of imperfect repair process will be calculated: Cumulative Intensity Function (CIF) or Number of Failures, Frequency of Failure and Unavailability. The interval will be divided by the number of points selected by user (we recommend 20). Using advanced Monte Carlo method the above mentioned parameters will be calculated at these time points and provided as a result in the Table along with standard errors. User has to select the underlying probability distribution function (Weibull, Normal or Log-Normal) and its parameters. Then user has to input mean time to restoration, which will be modeled by exponential distribution function in the Monte Carlo simulation. Then user should select type of Kijima model (1 or 2) and input the value of restoration factor. The accuracy of calculation depends on the Number of trials of Monte Carlo simulation. You can start with 20,000 and estimate the accuracy analyzing the provided standard error of the Monte Carlo method.